Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine
Item Information
Item Type Service
Price 5 Credits Credits
Sells For 100 Coins Coin
Effects +10 Power Power

The Wind Turbine was one of the many Template:Services that was only in The Game temporarily.


The Wind Turbine can be bought for 5 Credits Credits and sold for 100 Coins Coin, 5 Credits Credits, is worth much more than 100 Coins Coin. It will add 10 Power Power to the city it is in. It was later removed for unknown reasons.


The Wind Turbine has a large circular yellow base with a blue tower (pole) in the center. The anemometer can be seen at the back with the rotor and the blades at the front.


  • The Blades of the turbine will spin Clockwise when facing bottom left, they will spin anticlockwise when rotated to face bottom right, however, this shouldn't happen, as the item was only rotated, not reflected.
  • If the wind turbine is put in a place that would have no wind, e.g. in the center of four Luxury Condos the blades will still spin.
  • The turbines always spin and always spin at the same speed.

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