Item Information
Item Type House
Price 50000 Coins Coin
Sells For 500 Coins Coin
Effects +8 Citizens Citizens
Needs needs 35 Power Power
needs 25 Entertainment Entertainment
needs 10 Transport Transport

The Mansion is a house in My City Life.


The Mansion can be bought for 50000 Coins Coin and sold for 500 Coins Coin (one tenth of its original price). It makes the city more famous by 10 points and 8 Citizens Citizens live in it. It takes up 35 Power Power, needs 25 Entertainment Entertainment and 10 Transport Transport.


The Mansion has gray walls and a brown foundation with a blue roof. The roof has a little spike with holes, either for ventilation or a sun-roof. There are at least 8 windows with 2 on the front, 4 on each side, and possibly some on the back. Four steps lead up to the main entrance, which also appears to be the only entrance.

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