Gass Station
Item Information
Item Type Service
Price 8000 Coins Coin
Sells For 800 Coins Coin
Effects +5 Crime Cuffs
Needs needs 1 Citizens Citizens
needs 10Transport Transport

The Gas Station is one of the Services in My City Life.


The Station can be bought for 8000 Coins Coin and sold for 800 Coins Coin. It requires one Citizens Citizens to work at it and uses up 10 pieces of Transport Transport. It increases the city's Crime Cuffs by 5%.


The Gas Station has its main colors of yellow and red, with some parts of white. It has a large sign on the roof saying 'Gas Station'. A silver car drives through it and parks at the first pump every once in a while.


  • The large Sign saying 'Gas Station' is mirrored when the item is rotated.
  • The car that drives in has no driver, even when the citizens are enabled.

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